Sometimes when you get a good content idea, you can feel it. You just know that it is fully formed, ready to be executed and sure to be a hit.

And Umbraco can be a good idea. It is a free, open-source Content Management System built on the ASP.NET platform. It has award-winning integration capabilities and supports.

So, the Dot Net guys will really love this and yes, I should not forget about the Web Designers as they love CSS/JavaScript and Umbraco gives you full control.

“Ha! This is fun. Let’s read more of this”.


According to Wikipedia: Umbraco-The open source ASP.NET CMS

Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system (CMS) platform for publishing content on the World-Wide-Web. It is written in c#. Umbraco is completely customizable and allows for lots of flexibility.

Umbraco is:

  • Open source, which simply means that the code used to write the program is free and can be modified by anyone, which also means that you never have to pay to use it
  • Full-featured web content management system
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Fully customizable
  • Mobile responsive
  • Supports all types of websites like:
    • Large and small e-commerce websites
    • Heavy data sites
    • Search directories

Simple, yet powerful:

It is simple to use! Because Umbraco is written in c# and deployed on the Microsoft platform, it works completely seamlessly with virtually any Microsoft product. It can be integrated with Microsoft Word, so any content updates you make in Word will be automatically applied to your website.

Site Owners:

With Umbraco, it is easy to manage your site and focus on producing great content.


Do not fear Umbraco, as it will not interfere with your beautiful CSS & HTML markup.


Rapidly build your website using Umbraco with powerful API’s and easy extensibility.

Full control over Design and Markup:

100% control over tempting and output, with no limitations to your design.



Mobile Responsive:

One of the most popular features is Umbraco’s mobile responsive user interface. You can make content changes directly on your phone or tablet. It is as fast as Tweeting or updating your Facebook status.

CSS Control and JavaScript unlimited:

CSS and JavaScript are a huge part of the web today and Umbraco gives you full control. Create and organise your scripts. Make asynchronous applications. Extend the back office. No limitations!

Integrate .NET Controls:

We love .NET.  But we also love working with .NET in ways we’re familiar with.  With this in mind, you can use .NET Custom Controls and User Controls without having to jump through hoops.


Umbraco’s security model is easy to understand. You can easily create users and roles in Umbraco. You can also restrict the area of content the user can work with.



Creating User Types:

There are several User Types created by default in Umbraco: Writer, Editor, Translator, Reviewer. For each role, you specify the permissions for that role.

When a user is assigned to a specific User Type, their actions are limited to those set by the User Type.

User Permissions:

You can also set user permissions on individual pages.

Content Versioning:

Versioning of content entities is a core function of Umbraco. Every time you publish your content entity, a new version is created and audit trails are maintained. You can rollback to any version you want.

Social Media Capabilities:

There is a blog package for Umbraco that includes all the typical blogging capabilities:

  • Posts with paging and filter on category
  • Comments (custom user control)
  • Date folder Categories (using tag datatype)
  • Archive (collapsible, only showing latest months)
  • Latest comments
  • Blogroll (using related links)
  • Grava tar (global avatars)

Perfect for publishing content:

You probably already know that content is the backbone of any website. So, it makes sense to use a platform that makes publishing and managing content as simple as possible.

With Umbraco, you can use Microsoft Word to create and publish your content, meaning you can enjoy the familiarity that it provides. You can even save versions of your content, so you can revert and compare them.

Inserting photos and documents is especially easy. The media library is easy to use, and you can manage your photos and other media without having to spend hours on learning the process.

Multiple Language Capabilities:

Umbraco ships with more than 15 pre-defined languages that provide a localised user interface and it also allows you to easily setup multi-lingual sites for your website within one CMS.


Final Take:

Overall, we like this CMS. This is partly because there is a developer in us and partly because you can create your HTML design in any tool you want, and cut and paste it into Umbraco to get your website up quickly.

Another nice aspect is that if you’re already a .NET developer, you do not have to learn new technologies or tempting languages.

We love it:

As designers and developers, we love Umbraco. It gives us complete control over our markup and we are not limited in any way. That means we can create the websites our clients want, and we love to keep our clients happy.









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