It was Sunday, January 29, 2017. The Tennis community had seen in the past fortnight, the most unexpected turn of events at the first Grand Slam of the year- the Australian Open. Some had called it the resurgence of the ‘old guard’- the irreplaceable tennis greats Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal- who had ruled the sport for the last decade. They had managed to defeat every other player in the draw and were in the finals of a Grand Slam- yet again. The world was again jittery at the prospect of another ‘FeDal’ final- one that promised a stratospheric level of exemplary tennis, coupled with subtle artistry and sheer will. Read more

Splunk Enterprise

When you ask your computer to find out a word from inside a book, it will surely be able to show you all the occurrences of that word. Now, imagine when you ask it to do it every time that word is added to the book, without involving any human effort and it sends you a message, “Eureka!!”

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